Seminaras Rygoje rugsėjo 13 dieną

Invitation to seminar on slaughter in Riga, September 13

Final call!

Welcome to a Seminar about Farm Animal Welfare and Fitness for Transportation and Slaughter.

The Baltic Animal Welfare Network would like to welcome you to an interesting seminar on an urgent topic!

The seminar will cover how to assess and handle animals not fit for transport to slaughter houses, how to handle sick or wounded animals at time for killing or slaughter at farm level or in abattoirs, animal welfare, food safety etc. The seminar is a Nordic-Baltic cooperation arrange by the Baltic Animal Welfare Network and you will have the chance to meet, discuss and exchange experiences together with colleagues from the Baltic States.

The seminar will be held the 13th of September 9.00-16.00 in Riga at The conference hall of Ministry of Agriculture.

The seminar is free of charge.

For registration please follow the link below:

Most welcome!



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