Pasaulinė veterinarijos diena-balandžio 26-oji

On Saturday 26th April 2014, the veterinary profession will celebrate the World Veterinary Day 2014 with numerous events around the world.



The aim of the World Veterinary Day (WVD) is to promote the veterinary profession to a large audience, including the general public and to attract the attention of mass media to the important contribution of the veterinary profession to the benefit of society and all animals (Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Public Health).


The theme for the World Veterinary Day 2014 is Animal Welfare. The WVD celebrations events are organized by WVA member associations alone, or in cooperation with any other selected veterinary body through different activities such as concerts, parades, seminars, education sessions for public and children, media events etc.


On 25th May 2014, the OIE and WVA will announce the winner during the opening ceremony of the OIE 82nd General Session, that will receive the WVD 2014 Award and a price of 1000 US$.

Learn more on World Veterinary Day Award 2014 by clicking HERE and HERE.


The WVA wishes to all veterinarians around the world a Happy World Veterinary Day 2014. 


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Dr. Zeev Noga
Veterinary Policy Officer





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